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Petrus Sour Beers are the reference in the category of sour beers. They are aged, authentic beers brewed according to the best traditions. Petrus Sour Beers are intriguing, quirky and therefore difficult to match.

Magic in the foeder hall

Only the master brewer can fully grasp the complex brewing process. He masters the mysterious microbiology that takes place in the oak barrels. Science with a pinch of magic. And that magic becomes reality in our foeder hall.

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Petrus Aged Pale

Petrus Aged Pale is a 100% foeder beer, aged for 24 months in our oak foeders. It has been the reference for sour beers for years. Moreover, ever since the establishment of the brewery, this beer has been used to blend with other beers to give them fresh, slightly sour flavours and aromas.

7,3% Alcohol
7,3% Alcohol
Fermentation 100% oak-aged beer
Beer style Sour beer aged in foeders
Colour and clarity Golden blonde, clear
Aroma and flavour Complex, very sour flavour with strong fruity notes
Acidity 5/5
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Petrus Aged Red

Petrus Aged Red is a beer with the perfect balance between sweet and sour. It is a blend of 15% Aged Pale and 85% Dubbel Bruin infused with natural cherries.

8,5% Alcohol
8,5% Alcohol
Fermentation Blend of fermented beer and 15% oak-aged beer
Beer style Fruity sweet and sour beer
Colour and clarity Dark red, clear
Aroma and flavour Balance between sweet & sour. Full-bodied, fruity & fresh in combination with a strong character.
Acidity 2/5
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Petrus Roodbruin

Petrus Roodbruin is a typical Flemish reddishbrown ale, brewed according to tradition. This beer is a blend of 1/3 Aged Pale and 2/3 young brown beer.

5,5% Alcohol
5,5% Alcohol
Fermentation Blend of fermented beer and 33% oak-aged beer
Beer style Flanders red ale
Colour and clarity Reddish brown, clear
Aroma and flavour Slightly sour with nice malty notes
Acidity 3/5
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Welcome to the foeder hall.

This hall is the brewery's eye-catcher. Petrus Sours are aged here for two years in large 220-hectolitre barrels made from French oak.

Why large oak foeders?

Not because we want to achieve the flavour of wood, as is the case with cask aging. The wood of the foeder provides a breeding ground for various microorganisms that convert the sugars remaining in the beer after primary fermentation into acids, higher alcohols and esters.

The wood is also semi-permeable: air slowly penetrates the wood and enters the beer, creating a controlled oxidation. This is a very slow process that takes two years and results in a fresh sour beer with a very fruity aroma.

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