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This 1894 was specially created to celebrate the brewery’s 120th anniversary. Five generations of familyrun brewing, proudly providing innovative beers in a unique bottle.

Perfect aperitif beer

This jubilee beer is the perfect opener for any festive event. Serve this beer instead of champagne, cava
or gin-tonic, and your guests will surely be pleasantly surprised!

Serving tip: use a festive wine glass. This gives the beer the flair it deserves.

Unique flavour combination

1894 is a daring combination of a strongly hopped blonde tripel and a very refreshing oak-aged beer with secondary fermentation in the bottle.

8,0% Alcohol
8,0% Alcohol
Fermentation Full secondary fermentation in the bottle.
Beer style Impossible to categorise. An ambitious attempt brings us no further than a slightly sour hopped tripel.
Colour and clarity Golden blond. Clear to slightly hazy due to the secondary fermentation.
Aroma and flavour Refined hoppy bitterness, yet sourish with a solid base and subtle secondary fermentation.
8,0% Alcohol
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