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Wieze, the recommendation of the Garçon.

Wieze is a brand, a name and a beer full of character. It's no lager, tripel or blonde beer. Wieze is Wieze. A top-fermented gem.

Wieze is the waiter’s beer: full of character, class and stories to tell. The waiter’s hard work should not be underestimated and deserves more respect. That’s why Wieze puts the waiter on a pedestal.

The recommendation of the Garçon!

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8,5% Alcohol
8,5% Alcohol
Fermentation Top fermentation, 2nd fermentation in the bottle.
Beer style Wieze: a top-fermented gem
Colour and clarity Golden blond, clear to slightly hazy due to the 2nd fermentation
Aroma and flavour Fine bitterness, slightly spicy and with citrus notes. Mild flavour.
8,5% Alcohol
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