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Kwaremont 0.3

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This fit blonde stands for more control and more taste.
For those who want to peak early and keep going.
During the workout, when racing or even at the after-party.
This fit blonde only has 0.3% alcohol.
For sometimes you can peak harder with less work.


Kwaremont 0.3 is the alcohol-free version of Kwaremont.
This fit blonde is full of character, with gentle notes of citrus and orange in the nose, followed by a distinct thirst-quenching finish.
Responsible, tasty and refreshing.

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0,3% Alcohol
0,3% Alcohol
Fermentation Fermentation based on a special yeast that causes less alcohol to be produced during fermentation.
Beer style Alcohol-free
Colour and clarity Clear, nice bronze color with solid head.
Aroma and flavour Soft notes of citrus and orange in the nose, followed by a round malty finish.
0,3% Alcohol
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