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A flavour that captivates all hearts

Dangerousse is a mermaid so sweet
whom everyone is dying to meet.
Seduction is a game to her,
as all sailors will concur.
She is the one they all woo,
and now she has her own brew.
A smooth yet powerful beer
that will make your heart cheer.
Dangerousse is a drink you must savour,
and to the thirsty, it’s a real lifesaver.

Be seduced!

Dangerousse is best served fresh but not too cold. After all, she is hot-blooded, and chilled she would not fully release the richness of her roasted aromas with notes of caramel. Remain vigilant at all times, because despite her apparent lightness and drinkability, a few glasses are enough to make you capsize. Enjoy Dangerousse like a lonesome sailor on the high sea who is longing for a mermaid as a companion, or, once on terra firma, as an accompaniment to a delicious meal.

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6,5% Alcohol
6,5% Alcohol
Fermentation Top-fermented
Beer style Dark blonde with a red tinge and enriched with herbs
Colour and clarity Venetian blonde
Aroma and flavour Your nose is delighted by an enchanting, warm aroma of roasted malt with a hint of caramel. The subtle spiciness adds an extra dimension, replacing the chilly sea air by a wonderful glowing feeling, and adds to the full, rich body. The aftertaste is smooth, round and malty.
6,5% Alcohol
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