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De Brabandere Brewery is a growing family business with passionate employees. Our family character guarantees several important values within our brewery.

A dedicated team of over 80 workers helps produce a rich assortment of beers by means of traditional craftsmanship, authentic ingredients and lots of love on a daily basis.

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Bavik Super People.

Our employees are the best ambassadors of our brands. Bavik Super Pils is not just any lager, and our employees are not just any employees but a tight-knit group of Bavik Super People! For many years, they have brought life to the brewery and performed their job with lots of passion and dedication.

Thanks to our Bavik Super People, five generations of brewers have been able to continue to tradition, and we are very grateful to them for this. We therefore treat them to a party from time to time. This is something our Bavik Super People can't refuse!

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As a member of the logistical team, my challenging and varied job consists of following up on orders and returns. A lot is involved in getting everything delivered in time, and we succeed thanks to our well organised team. Ensuring people have a fun night out while enjoying our beers is our overall objective.

I am a beer lover and I live in the neighborhood. It is therefore a great advantage to be able to work in a family brewery that is passed on from generation to generation and that is also fully focused on the future. On top of that, I am also lucky to work with great colleagues. We bring life to De Brabandere Brewery on a daily basis.

Nico Derycke

Logistical team

I have been working at the brewery since 2003 and I have seen a lot of changes. Over the past few years, De Brabandere Brewery has made considerable investments in its machinery, and I am very proud to be supervisor at the most high-tech and flexible bottling plant in Belgium.

It is not just the atmosphere within our bottling team that is great, but we also get on well with other colleagues. The staff appreciates the informal atmosphere at the brewery. Every noon, all employees and our manager Albert come together in the cafeteria where we have a chat over a cup of soup. I have enjoyed myself here since day one!

Wesley Vandenbroucke

Bottling plant supervisor


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