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Petrus Nitro

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Why add nitrogen?

Quadrupels tend to be hard to digest, but the nitrogen keeps it light and drinkable, giving this unique brew its velvety, creamy head.

A unique serving ritual

Turn the bottle upside down and pour hard into the middle of the glass to activate the nitro. 

Petrus Nitro Cherry & Chocolate

This unique beer obtains its complex character thanks to the roasted malts and the cherries, but what makes it truly unique, is the technology our brewers used to add nitrogen into the bottle. The delicious notes of chocolate, coffee and cherries will take over your tastebuds!

8,5% Alcohol
WBA19-Belgium-SILVER_PNCC.png selos wbc2021 Gold
8,5% Alcohol
WBA19-Belgium-SILVER_PNCC.png selos wbc2021 Gold
Fermentation Top fermentation
Beer style Nitro quadrupel
Colour and clarity Extremely dark
Aroma and flavour Roasted malt, coffee and cherries
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