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Demi de Mêlée

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An authentic rugby beer

Demi de Mêlée goes straight for the goal. This remarkable beer is characterised by its golden blonde colour.  Its flavour will hook you from the first sip. No time to be caught in the maul. Just like a real number 9 taking control of the match, there's no getting around Demi de Mêlée.

A beer to be respected.

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5,9% Alcohol
selos wbc2021 Gold
5,9% Alcohol
selos wbc2021 Gold
Fermentation Top fermentation
Beer style Blonde beer
Colour and clarity Golden blonde, the colour of victory.
Aroma and flavour Delicate aromas of hops and cereals, grown on the fields where the very first rugby matches took place. The first impression is light, delicately fruity and malty. The aftertaste is characterised by a subtle bitterness and hoppy notes.
5,9% Alcohol
selos wbc2021 Gold
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