Petrus Tradition

Specialty beers

Petrus Tradition is a family of beers that takes its time for friends and family. Three new recipes bring the taste and experience to a new dimension. By cherishing the moments we have, we find balance in life, and in beer, because of our copper brewing kettles.


Petrus Blond Ale

Petrus Blond is a refreshing blond beer that leaves your taste buds craving more. This blond beer is brewed from the finest aromatic hops, which gives it a refreshing and enjoyable taste. Perfect when taking a moment to relax!


Petrus Double Ale


Petrus Double is a dark brown full-bodied beer, perfect after a hard day of work. The bitterness is derived from six different malts. With this well-balanced taste, the daily grind is rinsed away in no time.  


Petrus Triple Ale


Petrus Triple is a unique triple, brewed with three European aromatic hops. The fresh and distinctive taste of those hops complete your moments of relaxation. Re-fermentation inside the bottle creates a fine effervescence in your glass. 


Petrus Special


Petrus Special is an amber coloured high fermentation beer with a typical dry aftertaste. Brewed according an ancient recipe with special malts, this beer gives an mild scent derived from aroma hops.