News | 2019.10.28

Petrus Nitro Cherry & Chocolate nominated for the Beverages Innovation Award of Horeca Expo

The Horeca Expo Innovation Award is presented each year by a professional jury consisting of experts and professional journalists from the Belgian hospitality sector. This jury judges the entries and selects the winners within 5 categories. This year, Brewery De Brabandere registered with its Petrus Nitro Cherry & Chocolate.

Why is this an innovative product?

While other beers are made with carbon dioxide, at Petrus Nitro Cherry & Chocolate the choice was made for nitrogen. Specialty beers are often difficult to digest, but the nitrogen makes these special beers light and drinkable. Not to mention the velvety, creamy foam. Moreover, we are the only brewery that offers beer based on nitrogen in the bottle.

On 17 November, we will know whether the brewery will receive the Beverages Innovation Award for this unique beer.