De Brabandere Brewery

Our story

De Brabandere Brewery has a rich history to look back on and looks to the future with equal confidence. Our heart is in Bavikhove, where our company started out as a farm brewery. This successful family business is now managed by the fifth generation of brewers.

The very beginning

De Brabandere Brewery was founded in 1894 by beer enthusiast Adolphe De Brabandere and his son Jozef. At that time, the brewery was little more than a brewing hall with a couple of copper kettles, a small courtyard that served as a logistics centre and a malt warehouse.

A passionate brewer, Jozef ensured that the brewery quickly expanded. During the First World War, he was forced to suspend all activities, but afterwards he soon repaired the damage and set to work again.

A talented salesman

Jozef De Brabandere died in 1929 and, as his children were too young to run the company, his widow kept the brewery going.

Albert De Brabandere gradually took the lead and eventually took control of the brewery in 1950. The brewery originally provided beer to cafes and private individuals only, but Albert was a talented salesman and began to supply wholesalers as well.

On-trade and export

For thirty years, Albert was the driving force behind the brewery, until his son Ignace took charge in 1975. This was the fourth generation of De Brabandere brewers. The brewery began to focus increasingly on the on-trade sector and export.

As a local entrepreneur, Ignace De Brabandere also presented himself as a sponsor. The Petrus logo was visible on the jerseys of first-division football club Zulte-Waregem for many years. Sport sponsoring opened many doors for the brewery, from supermarkets to sports club canteens.

Still a family brewery

With Albert De Brabandere, the fifth generation took over in 2013. He has been officially at the head of the brewery since 2017 and has made considerable investments in increasing the brewery's capacity.

Thanks to the hard-working and ambitious De Brabandere family, the brewery continues to be a family business and one of the major independent breweries in Belgium.