Bavik Super Pils Academy

On-trade training

Running an on-trade business is much more then pulling beers. Nowadays, on-trade business owners need a great deal of competencies and have to easily accommodate the wishes of their customers. Their skills include product knowledge, marketing expertise and financial insight.

In addition, the on-trade sector is characterised by a highly competitive market requiring business owners to be prepared. Our practically oriented on-trade training prepares you to become a skilled on-trade business owner.

Become an ambassador!

The Bavik Super Pils Academy provides a mix of theory and practical cases. Our on-trade training teaches you how to tap and pour beer on the one hand and tells you everything you need to know about beer and brewing on the other. As such, the BSP Academy strikes the right balance between theoretical insights and practical skills. On-trade business owners who pass receive the ambassador label and the corresponding benefits and support.

The perfect beer head.

How do you pour the perfect glass of delicious Bavik Super Pils? How can you maximise your profits with serial pouring? Are top-fermented beers served in moist glasses and how to deal with the yeast at the bottom? What products do you use best behind the bar to work hygienically? Can you solve a technical breakdown yourself? You will get the answers to these questions and more during the beer tapping and pouring course.

Beer and brewing knowledge.

Although the focus of this training is mainly practical, a good business owner should know how beer is brewed. He can explain the difference between a triple and a double and knows the ingredients of a pilsner. Our trainer will share his knowledge in a fun and interactive way.

Management and storytelling.

The modern on-trade business owner is a real entrepreneur as well as a food and people manager. How can you maximise profits in your business? Have social media and other forms of communication really become indispensable? How can you optimise your product sales?

The Bavik Super Pils Academy offers you a free tool to professionally determine your pricing.

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