News | 2019.08.26

Interesting export internship for South Korean Hosung

This summer, the South Korean Hosung Suh (with Italian roots) did an internship at our sales department, where he specifically focused on export. A short interview about his experiences shortly before his return to Italy could not be missed. An enthusiastic Hosung explains...

"I did an internship in the sales department where my focus was on export. My mentor Hans Denecker (commercial director at De Brabandere Brewery) assigned me several projects during the two months that I found very interesting. The most important project, however, was the development of an export network that can serve as a tool to assess and identify potential export markets. My research was largely based on market research, but I also had the opportunity to go on field visits in both France and the Netherlands. These visits were very instructive because they allowed me to communicate directly with the market to discover what is going on and what their needs are.

Thanks to my internship at De Brabandere Brewery, I learned several things. First and foremost, I was given the freedom to leave my own mark on the projects assigned to me, which allowed me to learn how to work independently. My input was always appreciated, so I remained motivated to carry out my assignments well. In addition, it was the first time that I actively came into contact with various forms of corporate communication and that has taught me a lot. For example, I had to present export reports to the management team, which made me think actively about how I would bring certain matters. Finally, I also learned a lot about how an independent family brewery works. Thanks to the informal corporate culture, I quickly felt at ease. I noticed that the employees play an important role in the story of the brewery. CEO Bert De Brabandere, for example, is always open to exchanging ideas with employees in order to improve the operation of the brewery. The employees of the brewery practice their job with a lot of passion and pride, which motivated me to go for it completely. They are real Bavik Super People who ensure that the brewery is a nice place to work. They always did their best to talk in English during the lunch breaks for example so that I could get to know them better. Despite the language barriers, I quickly felt part of the group.

My internship experience was short, but powerful. I am grateful for the fun and educational period at this brewery. It was unforgettable and I would like to thank De Brabandere Brewery and its employees for this opportunity."

Thank you Hosung for your efforts over the past few weeks and hope to see you soon!