News | 2019.05.16

The launch of our birthday beer Alliance

When Wallonia and Flanders team up successfully

De Brabandere Brewery and Dubuisson Brewery celebrate together 375 years of brewing history with a birthday beer box "Alliance".

A Walloon brewery and a Flemish brewery working together to brew a beer is a unique fact. It is on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of De Brabandere Brewery located in Bavikhove and the 250th anniversary of Dubuisson Brewery located in Pipaix, that the two brewers launched their project "Alliance". Not one, but two beers were presented at the linguistic border.

Alliance, a unique exchange of know-how

It is common to see Belgian breweries collaborating with foreign breweries, but the association of a Flemish brewery and a Walloon brewery is a first. "It was a logical choice for us," comments Albert De Brabandere. "Our two breweries are part of the Belgian Family Brewers, an association in which Belgian breweries unite to promote Belgian beer around the world. It is in this context that I suggested to Hugues Dubuisson to embark on this joint project. We are celebrating our 125th anniversary this year and the Dubuisson Brewery celebrates 250 years. We now have 375 years of brewing experience that we put together in a prestigious anniversary beer."

One alliance between Flanders and Wallonia, two beers

"We started from the strengths of the two breweries," Hugues Dubuisson explains. "Ours is a benchmark for strong beer but also for barrel-aged beers. De Brabandere Brewery is famous for its foeder matured beers. We gathered our brewers around the table and decided to exploit our respective know-how. This is how Petrus Quadrupel brewed at De Brabandere Brewery moved to Pipaix in Wallonia to mature for 6 months on oak wine barrels from Burgundy. The Bush Caractère moved to the other side of the border to be blended with a Petrus Aged Pale matured for two years in the foeders of De Brabandere Brewery."

A compromise à la belge

The final result is very similar to a Belgian-style compromise: one gift box containing two 75cl beers. They will soon be available in various supermarkets and at specialized beer shops. "We are very proud of the two beers we present today," says Antonin Maes, master brewer at Dubuisson Brewery. "The connoisseurs will recognize in Bush Caractère the fruity aromas brought by the microflora of De Brabandere’s foeders. They will also notice the effects of our Burgundy barrels on the Petrus Quadrupel. A more intense taste, a vinous character with hints of chocolate, gingerbread and liquorice."

"We have managed to give the exchanged beers an inventive touch and a new added value," says Pieter Maes from De Brabandere Brewery. "Two well balanced beers in line with Belgium’s brewing traditions, proving that a collaboration between Flanders and Wallonia is entirely possible."

A festive year

For both breweries, this busy 2019 year does not stop at this collaboration. "On the occasion of our 250th anniversary, we also took care of our Bush range with a modernization of the logo and a new positioning by changing their names. Later this year, we will inaugurate a new museum and a new restaurant in the castle opposite the Brasserie," Hugues Dubuisson explains.

De Brabandere Brewery began the festivities last month with the opening of its "Brouwershuys", opening its doors to the public for the first time in its history. Chris, the master brewer, will welcome and guide the visitors. "With 34 years of experience, Chris was thinking of retiring, but we are pleased that he has decided to continue sharing his knowledge. This bon vivant has a lot of anecdotes and will captivate his visitors from start to finish,” Albert De Brabandere explains.

Don't miss the video about Alliance and discover how both beers found their way to the language border for the official launch.