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Wittekerke Wit was thoroughly rebranded. The recipe was adapted to the contemporary taste profile of consumers and the brand received a new look and feel. From now on, the beer will go through life under the name Bavik Super Wit.

Wittekerke Wit is easy to recognize by the elegant glass it is served in, its sunny colour and creamy foam head. The taste is nicely rounded with a well-defined herbal bitterness. The late famous beer expert Michael Jackson described Wittekerke Wit as creamy, aromatic, with a clean, teasing, perfumed fruitiness and a faintly herbal tartness.

5,0% Alcohol
5,0% Alcohol
Fermentation Top fermentation
Beer style Wheat beer
Aroma and flavour Nicely rounded with a well-defined herbal bitterness
5,0% Alcohol
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