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Petrus Bordeaux

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Petrus Bordeaux is a velvety Flanders Red Ale based on beer that has aged in oak barrels for 2 years. Blending this beer with a fresh young brown ale keeps it balanced and gives it a soft roasted and caramel touch. Its name refers to the barrels used during the production process and the burgundy red that reflects its warm and smooth finish. Don’t be fooled though, by adding the young brown ale to the barrel aged beer, this beer is deliciously refreshing and very easy to drink at only 5,5% ABV.

5,5% Alcohol
5,5% Alcohol
Fermentation Blend of fermented beer and oak-aged beer
Beer style Flanders red ale
Colour and clarity Bordeaux, clear
Aroma and flavour A soft roasted and caramel touch, a warm and smoothy finish.
5,5% Alcohol
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