Brewmaster's Selection

Through the Brewmaster's Selection, our three Master Brewers present their own unique creation which they’ve made just for you as a limited edition. These selections are just like them: stubborn, unique and brilliant at the same time.


Wild Tripel Hop


Chris Van Acker created, especially for you, the Brewmaster’s Selection Wild Tripel Hop. This beer consists of 15% pure foeder beer that has been ageing on French oak foeders for 24 months, blended brilliantly together with our delicious Petrus Tripel. On top of that, 2 American hops were added, Cascade and Amarillo. This combination creates an 8% ABV golden ale, with a nice foamy head, a fresh citrus-scent, a beautiful bitterness and a pleasant sourish aftertaste. The acidity level of the foeder beer decreases the level of bitterness and at the same time increases the drinkability of this beer. Despite the fact that, in theory bitterness and acidity don’t blend well together, Chris proves everybody wrong in the most brilliant of ways through this masterpiece.


Wild Funky Wit


Yves Benoit created the second limited edition Brewmaster’s Selection Wild Funky Wit: a refreshing witbeer. Instead of using yeast for the first fermentation, we use the wild microflora derived from our oak foeders. Due to the complexity of these flora, the beer requires a longer and intense fermentation. The result: the ultimate refreshment with a citrus-sour flavor and taste!


Wild Quadrupel


Last but not least, it’s time to present our third Brewmaster, Pieter Maes, who brewed a ‘one of a kind’ dark and complex beer: the Brewmaster Selection Wild Quadrupel. This beer consists of 5 different specialty malts and one pealed and roasted barley in combination with the sour foeder beer. The acidity provides a high drinkability and a pleasant fruitiness, whilst the different types of malt give way to an abundance of complex and full flavours.